Looking for a sound system for your wedding? We offer a range of audio services and sound systems that can accommodate the needs of any wedding. Many small to mid-sized weddings use one of our PA systems for their sound system. Larger weddings or weddings with bands often use one of our live sound audio packages with optional audio technician services instead. Regardless of your wedding’s size and scope, we are committed to providing the best value for you by using only high quality equipment and professional technicians.

PA Systems for Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding ceremony will need microphones for the bride, groom, and the minister. You may also need to play music before and after the ceremony. Depending on your specific ceremony’s needs and number of guests, you may be able to get by with our single speaker PA system, The Basics Package, or you may need to go with our most popular package, The Party Package. If your ceremony has a large number of guests we highly recommend that you go with our party package our or works package.

Wedding Receptions

While the ceremony may be the main event of the wedding, the reception is where you’ll celebrate it. When choosing your PA system for your reception, there are a few main things to consider. How many people will you have in attendance? Will you have a live band or performer? Will your wedding be outdoors or indoors? The answers to these questions will help us determine which of our audio packages is the perfect fit your your reception.

For the majority of wedding receptions without bands or performers, our Party Package is the best deal. Since it comes with two speakers, two microphones, stands and an iPod/laptop hookup, this package is powerful enough to play music to a reasonably large group of people and is well suited for speeches. That being said, many weddings are better suited with our larger package, The Works. The Works is a large PA system that comes with 4 speakers, stands, and three microphones. Contact us to determine which package is the right fit for your reception.

For receptions with bands or live sound needs we offer live sound audio packages and professional audio technician services. We offer a different lineup of packages for bands because they require additional microphones, monitors, and extra cables that exceed what is normally found in a PA system. If you will be having a band playing at your wedding, please contact us to ensure that you are getting the best sound system for your band.

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